Things can only get better between our nations, the future lies in developing solid business partnerships by understanding their culture and learning the Arabic language

The US-Arab Chamber of Commerce presented successful trade and investment results for last year to the Sultinate of  Oman and the State of Qatar. The delegation showcased US companies that have head quarters in 11 different Arab states resulting in a $130 billion turnover.

H.E Abdullah Bin Hamad Al Attiya (centre) Qatar’s Deputy prime Minister is recognizedby the NUSSACC delegation for his years of service as an honorary board member of the National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce!

Obama’s administration clearly stated that the President wanted to double US exports by the year 2015 with the attention on medium to small businesses. This can only be good news for those who work in an international company with Middle Eastern relations or partners.

Qatar’s Priminister with David Hamod the President and CEO of the NUSACC, Jeffrey Johnsson the President of Boeing in the Middle East and Amim Salam, NUSACC’S Director of Business Development.

The President and CEO of NUSACC stated that this proves that close relations between the two nations can only keep growing and create jobs, business and growth in the economy in the private sector.

The key sectors that were represented included, engineering, information communications technology, construction, development and infrastructure, media, education, health care, transport, defense and security,  aerospace and aviation.

The US Ambassador of the state in Qatar said he commended the NUSACC for bringing a delegation of such high importance to Qatar. The ongoing success is guaranteed to move our nations towards a prosperous future and form a solid economic partnership.

One of the participants in the meeting was Boeing, who stated that Qater is a key business market now and will continue to grow over the next 20 years or so. They said that the keys will be Qater airways and the Qatar Emiri Air Force. The spokesman for Boeing continued to say they were serious about securing a future partnership with Qatari clients, general industry and government bodies.