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Learning another language opens up a whole new world of opportunities: personally, professionally, culturally, socially, and economically.

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In the Arabic Language Academy we have 10 years of extensive teaching experience.

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From September 2010 until March 2011, I was a student of Mrs.Somia Schell. She was my primary teacher for the Arabic language. I very much enjoyed my lessons with her and found her teaching methods highly effective.

Megan Strowger
Psychology ’14, Drexel University

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Our Skilled Teachers

  • Somia Schell Founder of The Arabic Language Academy!

    Somia Schell is a native Arabic speaker who is certified to teach Arabic as a foreign language from the American University in Cairo and Boston University. Living in the USA for many years and fluent in English, Somia started giving Arabic lessons to non-native speaking students from a variety of nationalities and backgrounds in 2003. To promote her Arabic language teaching methods Somia founded The Arabic Academy website in 2009.

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الفاضي يعمل قاضي.
Someone free plays the judge.
(Used to criticize someone with too much free time interfering in other people’s business.)