As the founder of The Charlotte Arabic Language and Culture Enthusiasts and The Arabic Language Academy I enjoy meeting so many people who are interested in learning and educating themselves in the Arabic culture and learning the Arab language with a deeper mental involvement. I am an Egyptian American who has been teaching Arabic to all age groups for 10 years. I am  a native Arabic speaker who is certified to teach Arabic as a foreign language from the American University in Cairo and Boston university.  My main focus is on colloquial, conversational Arabic and I integrate reading, writing and current events into my lessons. The aim of this group is to learn Arabic in fun and interesting ways so you will look forward to every meeting.

At the Arabic Language Academy our Arabic tuition process involves a fully integrated approach that exposes you not only to reading and writing but also to the culture and music immediately. We feel that for our students to fully learn Arabic they should have full exposure to the language from the beginning in a friendly and understanding environment.

We aim to offer a creative approach to your tuition to ensure you enjoy it at the same time as becoming proficient. This is the reason I set up this meeting group as I wanted people to immerse themselves in the Arab culture. Many of our meetings are spent at the Middle Eastern market where I encourage group members to practice their Arabic conversation and reading while experiencing the colors, smells, and atmosphere of this bustling environment.

Our group consists of  multi-cultured members from a wide range of social, economic, religious, and political backgrounds. We welcome anyone into our group who is respectful and courteous and wants to learn the Arabic language and culture. By joining this group you’ll have all the support and guidance you need to really understand the Arabic culture and language. A core element of these meet ups is to give you more confidence and enjoyment in your learning process.