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A – is a global online community of language tutors specializing in teaching the Arabic language. As a member of you can bring learning this amazing language to life through interactive language lessons and tuition with your own personal online tutor wherever you are in the world.

A – We can help you with your Arabic university studies, assist you with your current Arabic tuition curriculum, help you with conversation practice,  help with your homework, and put you in touch with other students to practice with.

A – It takes 120 hours to move from novice to intermediate, then
120 hours to move from intermediate to advanced. We have 10
Arabic language learning stages. The first one focuses on the alphabet, then the
next 3 on daily life conversations, and the remainder focus’s on newspaper articles and professional language.

A – Assuming you study the Arabic language on a part time basis, it would take
you 3 months to complete a total course. It can take longer or shorter
depending on the number of hours you can spend studying.

A – We are located in the US and Cairo, Egypt. Please note all our teachers are native speakers.

A – Once you know which program you would like to join, you will find the
prices displayed on our Arabic tuition page, Fees are displayed per month, to 3 months or 6 months, not per the whole course.

A – Yes! tutors offer a free Arabic language level evaluation session.
to find out if you feel comfortable with your teacher’s style. It’s a
great way to see what a difference it can make to your studies
and the perfect way to discuss your requirements with your
chosen tutor at absolutely no cost to you.

A – Yes,we are! These are self paced programs as the conversation lessons
are conducted on a one to one basis and you get to choose the
time that works for you.

A – Yes, you can request to change your tutor for any reason. Our
goal is to make our students comfortable and at ease when they learn Arabic,
with us making their learning experience fun and stress free.

A  – You will need an internet connection.

  • Skype installed on your computer
  • A compatible headset

A – Skype is free software that lets you use your computer like a
phone so you can talk online with  your Arabic  language tutor anywhere
in the world. .
Download Skype now

A  – Skype is a great free internet solution for interactive Arabic tuition and conversation and if you have a web cam you can talk face to face with your tutor at the same time.

A – Highly qualified tutors who have dedicated their teaching careers towards enabling individuals like you to learn the Arabic language  for whatever reason but who don’t have the time in their busy schedules. Help everyday people, students and professionals that need proper assistance in their studies to achieve results.  We believe you are not paying for your studies you are paying for results and it is our passion and love of teaching the Arabic language that will ensure you achieve this. Which is why you can trust us!

Please feel free to ask us any more questions about our various Arabic tuition programs!