For all you guys who wish to learn Arabic, and have a passion for fashion, read here about this big event taking place to get Egypt back on the fashion map.

Pashion Magazine launches Cairo’s Fashion Nights, a 2 day extravaganza offering the people of Cairo a new shopping experience. It brings a taste of New York, Paris and Milan today and tomorrow in the Zamalek neighborhood, promising much more than just fashion at the event.

Anna Wintour the chief editor of Vogue USA began the event two years ago in New York and hopes it will create a revival in the local fashion industry and local economics. The idea worked and has since been done in London, Paris, Milan and Australia. Many models joined in and stores stayed open late to accommodate the people wanting to buy.

This year Susan Sabit chief editor of the Cairo based fashion magazine Pashion has organized the Fashion Nights event. She is well known for organizing the Luxury for a Cause event where she brought Egypt’s retailers and designers together in a successful 1 day event where part of the profits went to charity.

The event is hoping to promote local talented designers relatively unknown and bring consumers into their boutiques and stores to encourage spending that has hit a low since the revolution. Susan wants to encourage people to spend their money in Egypt instead of abroad and help kick start the fashion industry in Egypt. The event will reach thousands of foreigners in the fashion industry and put Egypt back on the fashion map.

A small booklet has been created to list the participating stores and designers who will be taking part over the two-day event. Amuse concept store, Azza Fahmy, Dina Ayesh Night, Ghazl Banat boutique, Lalloushi, Mohamed Al Sagheer, and Villa Baboushka are but some of the names set to open up their doors for participants.

Each store involved will be expected to present events like make up presentations, fashion shows, photo shoots and invite designers to attract visitors. There will be a lot of creativity expected from each store, like special window displays, with also lots of creative fun events. It promises to bring a reminder to people that there is space for growth and development in Egypt by giving it this exposure.

Lots of special treats will be given out and food and drink outlets are involved to turn this into one big fashion party.