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This month in Beirut, The Arab Science and Technology Foundation proudly presented nine Arab women with $20,000 to further their research and development in their chosen path of science. The women are part of a fellowship named L’Oreal-UNESCO Pan-Arab Regional Fellowship for Women in Science managed by the foundation who presented them. The Science Fellowship welcomes women from 17 Arab countries to participate in furthering their research and share the process of  development to eventually invest in the needs of the Arabic societies and economy.

This a great news for Arab women who are usually not offered the same rights to study sciences and technology. So it is a surprise that in Egypt 50% of professors of science are women!

Among the nine women was Egyptian born,  Shahenda Mahmoud al-Nagger who has been praised for her work in helping to prevent brain tumor cancer cells from replicating and spreading to other body parts. Her research has taught her the process of differentiating the brain tumor cancer stem cells. The $20,000 will enable her to continue her work and buy vital equipment for the lab where she works at the ’57’ children’s cancer hospital on Qasr al-Aim Street.

The rest of the women who were honored were involved in the fight against Aids, fatal water born diseases, breast cancer, cancer therapy and genetic diseases. It seems Arab women are finally getting their place in  the field of science and technology while providing inspiration to other Arab women.