Last week at the Royal Society in London, Professor Charles Burnett of the Warburg Institute, University of London, delivered a public lecture on “The European Discovery of Arab Culture.”

Invitations to the event went to the Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilization.The lecture at the Royal Society was in recognition of the influence and impact of the Arabic Culture in the development and understanding of world science.

Katip Celebi, “Jihannuma” or “Displaying the World” (1732). Images courtesy of the Royal Society’s “Arabick Roots” Exhibition.

If you are learning the Arabic language or thinking about it to improve your future prospects, then it is imperative to start understanding the culture and latest news. Our features and news promise to keep you up to date with positive events, and interesting topics.

The Arabic language is classed as being one of the difficult languages to learn and understand. Although there are some variations, Modern Standard Arabic is the universal language of the Arab League and used in mainstream media.

The Government of the USA is encouraging students and those in corporate positions with Arab company partners and stated that learning Arabic is a very strategic move.

There are many ways to learn Arabic and because of the busy lives we lead proving most popular is to learn in your time in real time, or with groups in your company with qualified native speakers. There are many programs available but you can have your own tailor made, or have a tutor come and teach groups in your company focusing on the business you are in.