Ancient Egypt will be brought to life in The Grand Egyptian Museum that is on schedule for its inauguration in August 2015 and this week began the final phase of construction. Egypt’s minister of antiquities promised no delays and stands by his commitment to the Egyptian people as they look forward to showing the world ancient Egypt and more modern history of Egypt.

As they signed the official documentation the Belgium BESIX group and Egypt’s Orascom Construction Industries both said that they are totally dedicated to completing the construction on time. The deal between the two companies is said to be worth $810 million.

The Grand Museum is promising to be an architectural modern masterpiece and has a stunning location overlooking the Pyramids at GIZA. Egypt’s current main museum first built in 1891, is located in Cairo in Tahrir square and houses some very special items from ancient Egypt including treasures of Tutankhamon, mummies and precious jewels. This new unique construction will house over 100,000 million artefacts from ancient Egypt and will be the largest conservation center around the globe.

The Minister stated that history is taken place here in celebration on the anniversary of the uprising that forced the prime minister out of duty in the January uprising last year. This stunning museum will honor all who made it happen and the youth of Egypt’s future.

He said he hoped this new addition to Egypt’s history will “honor” the brave youth of the revolution. Last Tuesday the commencement of the building was inaugurated by BESIX and OCI officials. The museum will have a high tech security system unlike the main museum in central Cairo. The hopes are to increase Egypt’s tourism economy and raise employment opportunities for up to 5000.

The total floor area will be 32,000 square meters and will hold special exhibitions as well as permanent ones with virtual screens and the ancient artifacts as mentioned above. The officials involved are aiming to attract between 5 and 8 million visitors throughout the year and will also host a variety of outdoor events in the open spaces of a piazza, Temple Garden, and the four parks, Dunal, Land of Egypt, Nile and a recreational park.

There will also be environmental screens in place to monitor environmental control in each area and will create a feeling of open space. The exterior will be constructed with translucent materials that will allow the illumination though at night. The BESIX actually devised the building methods for the Burj Khalifa in Dubai (the tallest construction in the world) and also the Yas Island Ferrari in Abu Dhabi and the Sheik Zayed Mosque.

As we all know ancient Egypt is fascinating, with its mummies, sphinx, Pharaos and of course the Pyramids, what better way to celebrate than with a new stunning tourist attraction.