Under the aegis of Custodian of the king Abdullah, the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowment, Call and Guidance will organize in December the King Abdul Aziz International Contest for memorizing the Holy Qur’an, with entries from 53 countries.

This 33rd contest will happen in Makkah regarded as the holiest city in Islam and the site of the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad, the aim is to draw attention to the Kingdom’s interest in the recitation and memororization of the Holy Qur’an.  Salman bin Muhammed Al-Amri the public relations director stated the  aim is to promote the study of the Holy Qur’an throughout young Muslims. He also stated from the 53 countries there are 161 contestants, where 87 are representing their governments and 66 are represnting Islamic organizations.

There will be ten judges, six of these are Egyptian Ahmad Al- Maasarawi, Jordanian Samih Al-Asaminah, Lamat A-Ameen from Mauritious, Abdul Malik Lazim from Malaysia, Muhammad Hakeem from Pakisatn and Nigerian Sadiq Zawiyah. The other four are from the Kingdom and they are Salim Al-Shenqiti, Saud Al-Ghonaim, Emad Zuhair Hafiz and Ibrahim Al-Dossary.

The contest has five parts: Memorization of full text with the recitation delivered in the correct intonation, memorization of juz with recitation in the correct intonation, memorization of 10 continuous juz with the recitation in the correct intonation, meaning of words and commentary. The last part is for non-Muslim countries.

It also includes the memorization of five continuous juz parts with the correct intonation. The first winner in the first category receives SR100,000, the second receives SR,90,000, the third receives is SR80,000, the fourth receives SR70,000 and the fifth prize winner will receive SR60,000

Salman bin Muhammed Al-Amri stated that the Kingdom spends more than SR100 million yearly for the contest without seeking any material motive.

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