Last Thursday the  US Embassy showed a special concert in the Dome of Al-Ghouri in Islamic Cairo. This wonderful event featured a collaboration between Nubian Drums and the U.S. blues/rock band The Bombie Trio. This unusual collaboration produced a repertoire of music that was received happily by the number of Americans and Egyptians in the audience who were seen clapping enthusiastically along to the unusual infusion of blues and drums.

The embassy’s cultural program produced this event in the pursuit of  encouraging diplomacy and awareness between Egyptian and American culture. The beautiful dome was packed full and the combination of the traditional drums along with the Bombies input produced a similar sound to shaabi music. The Bombies all participated enthusiastically, and tapped their feet and nodded their heads to the new beat.

The infusion of these two totally different music styles turned out to be a pleasant surprise as both bands enjoyed new ways to play each others music.  When the Bombies covered a track by Stevie Wonder the drummers quickly got into the groove, tapping away at their traditional Nubian drums and added  a powerful mix to the Nubian drums in return. As the Nubian drummers played a chugging beat of Marvin Gaye’s while the Bombies sang ‘How sweet is to be loved by you’ political issues were forgotten proving goodwill can over rule such things.

This unusual twist in bringing these two different cultures together was a delightful musical adventure. The Bombies proved to be the perfect ambassadors for the US embassy as Americans love this style of music, and so now do Egyptians. Lets hope relationships between these two cultures can become strong on a political and business level in the future. John Kerry the American Senator was in Egypt to meet with the Muslim Brotherhood SCAF

Last week, American Senator John Kerry visited Egypt to meet with SCAF and the Muslim Brotherhood to discuss the sensitive issues of diplomacy which are still a sensitive issue in the minds of some Americans. However things seem positive for the future!