The TCLP (Teachers of Critical Language Program) is a multi-cultural language learning program managed by the American councils for international education and funded by the ECA (Education and Cultural Affairs) of the US State Department. This important program aims to promote awareness and increase the amount of Americans studying and teaching Arabic and Mandarin Chinese, the top two languages on the critical list.

The main goals:

A. To promote the teaching of these critical foreign languages throughout schools and improve the education and futures of young American students. These languages will play a huge role in the world in future years so it is imperative to start learning as young as possible.

B. To educate the foreign language teachers about the United States lifestyle and culture while improving their language ability and introducing them to US teaching procedures. The Egyptian and Chinese teachers will be able to expand their knowledge to their students back home resulting in higher proficiency levels and greater understanding of cultures.

C. To gain education an insight into each others culture and increase understanding in communities through schools and international teachers. As more knowledge is learned understanding between cultures will increase through communication.

D. To offer US schools and other participants the opportunities to increase their prospects and develop new relationships while sharing language learning methods.

This program will create a huge positive impact to the education of American students, the teachers will improve their language and teaching proficiency levels and all will develop a greater understanding of each others society and customs.

Schools in the US will have the capacity to develop relationships with Arabic and Chinese schools that will ultimately create an appreciation of these major international cultures.

Learning Arabic or Mandarin Chinese not only improves education and understanding all round but will also open up a whole new world, personally, professionally, socially and economically.