The Arabic language is now classed as ‘a critical need’!

The U.S. government is urging students to incorporate learning Arabic into their study program as a strategic move towards the future. Learning any new language is always beneficial however as the greatest developed country in the world and tragedies like 9/11 the U.S has placed learning the Arabic language to be top of the list.

There is a huge need for people with Arabic skills in all sectors including translators, interpreters, foreign organizations and companies that have merged with Middle Eastern corporations and business’s. Since 9/11 the number of positions within national security, NGO’s and US agencies rose dramatically and still is. The Arabic language is one of the six official languages spoken within the United Nations organizations alongside Mandarin Chinese, French, English, Spanish and Russian and is also in the top five languages spoken throughout the world today.

Another important fact to consider is that all these five languages are extremely important in the world of international trade, business and diplomacy. This proves how significant it is to learn Arabic especially where the correct dialect is required to maintain conducive prosperity and continue regard for the environment and world peace. Even though English is still the most influential language spoken in the International Arena, learning Arabic can only improve foreign affairs and relationships. By understanding the Arabic language you will also gain insight into Middle Eastern business ethics, life principles, culture and policies, which can only help towards building respectful associations.

At The Arabic Language Academy we have successfully taught students, employees, adults and children from all walks of life who were required to learn Arabic. We only have qualified native teachers who are totally committed to their students and their requirements. We also have associations with many universities in the U.S. and our founder Ms Somia Schell (language and culture educator) has recently been awarded a scholarship at Harvard University in the Middle Eastern Studies Department, on a program to promote the critical understanding of the diversity of the Middle East region for educators and the general public through professional development programs, online resources and public events.

! كل تفاعل يحمل فرصة

(Every interaction holds an opportunity!)