The imp0rtance of the Arabic language in the international business arena has evolved over the last century, and is now 5th on the list of widely spoken languages in the world. Many new phrases and words have been incorporated to keep up with the ever changing business world and technological terminology. Also, influenced by western media, the Arab world has adapted to journalistic writing methods especially for broadcasting and advertising purposes.

Learning Arabic opens up a whole new world of international business opportunities: professionally, culturally, socially, and economically. We live in a world today that relies on others to give us certain services, supply us with their goods, find solutions to political and national problems,  and manage international security. The importance of understanding each other in the world today is more important than ever.

The Arab nations and Middle Eastern markets are booming in various sectors of business and industry, and some are turning into very influential world wide economies. Some of those sectors are real estate, banking, International Compliance Training, tourism, gas and oil. It is essential to understand and speak Arabic if you do business or are employed in any of these sectors.

The Arab world comprises of 22 states and territories formerly known as the Arab League!

There is a very high demand for westerners who speak Arabic, but unfortunately a low supply. There are so many opportunities in various industries to have a career at an international level. Some of those opportunities lie in education, foreign services, Journalism, finance, security and various units of the UN. As the population of Arabs living in Western countries is rising the U.S. government is encouraging people to learn the language for career enhancement and financial rewards.

By promoting intercultural understanding and building solid relationships with Arabic people we could help towards avoiding any future conflicts and instead help each others economies.

By learning the Arabic language you will gain a deeper understanding of there lifestyle, enjoy traveling more in these countries, while helping to increase trade and industry.

The Arab states have a lot to offer in terms of lifestyle and culture also. They are rich in music, art, literature, cuisine, and offer a unique way of living.