From September 2010 until March 2011, I was a student of Mrs.Somia Schell. She was my primary teacher for the Arabic language. I very much enjoyed my lessons with her and found her teaching methods highly effective. We worked through one textbook at a pace appropriate for my learning level and she always challenged me with additional homework and activities outside of the classroom. Mrs. Schell was always prompt and when there was an issue with a lesson, she provided plenty of notice and explained the situation. I felt a connection with her as we proceeded through our lessons as she acted not only as my teacher but as a friend guiding me towards further learning opportunities. I would recommend her as a teacher of the Arabic language for all levels due to her flexibility towards individual student needs and successful methods of teaching. I attribute my learning time with her to being able to skip the first 3 beginner level Arabic language classes at my university and be placed straight into level four, the intermediate Arabic class.
Megan Strowger
Psychology ’14, Drexel University

I want to emphasize how much I enjoyed studying with Somia Schell. She was very relaxed and flexible with my schedule, even able to teach me during the summer when I was working weekdays and she was in Egypt. Somia was always cheerful, encouraging, and supportive, and this really improved my Arabic speaking confidence. She also was able to alter the lesson plan spontaneously depending on my needs. She was happy to adjust and help me with reading or writing when I told her that’s what I needed on a particular day. I think all students who will take lessons with Somia are lucky to have such a kind tutor to learn about Arabic language and culture from Somia.
Corinne Stokes,
Texas University

Soma is a excellent instructor. She is able to communicate Arabic grammar, vocabulary, and culture with great skills. Most importantly, I thoroughly enjoy attending each lesson.
Sara Zakhary,
Penn State University

I had some exposure to Arabic language before starting my lessons with Somia. I could read and write but not quite well, but had no speaking skills. Now, I can string some sentences together using the grammatical structure of Modern Standard Arabic.
Linda Thomas,
University of California Santa Barbara

If you are going to have any chance at mastering a complex language like Arabic, you will need a smart, firm, consistent, experienced, and personable teacher. Somia is all of those things, and will keep you engaged in the coursework, even if you are a bit busy or have unusual needs.
Lee R. Smith,
University of Chicago