General Arabic Programs

Modern standard Arabic

Modern dialects differ from standard Arabic and from one another in pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. They are less complex and less inflective than classical Arabic and they are usually labeled according to major geographic areas, such as North African, Levantine, Egyptian, and Gulf. Within these broad classifications, the daily speech of urban, rural, and nomadic speakers is distinctively different.
Lessons levels include:

  • Arabic Level 1 – Basic topics, reading and writing.
  • Arabic Level 2 – Elementary level math practice, conversation, grammar, reading and dictation.
  • Intermediate Level 3 – Intermediate grammar, reading short stories, geography and culture and writing short Essays.
  • Advanced Level 4 – Advanced grammar, intensive reading, writing and essays.

Colloquial Arabic

Colloquial or dialectal Arabic refers to the many regional varieties derived from old Arabian dialects, spoken daily across North Africa and the Middle East, which constitute the everyday spoken language. These dialects are not typically written, although a certain amount of literature (particularly plays and poetry) exists in many of them. They are often used to varying degrees in informal spoken media, such as soap operas and talk shows. Literary Arabic or formal Arabic is the official language of all Arab countries and is the only form of Arabic taught in schools at all stages.

Arabic for Special Purposes Programs

  • Arabic Language Proficiency Test (ALPT) Our online Arabic Language Proficiency Test (ALPT) can be used to assist you in placing your Arabic students in courses that match their linguistic competence.
  • Arabic for Media Professionals Contact us for more details
  • Arabic for Medical Professionals Contact us for more details
  • Arabic for Diplomatic Professionals Contact us for more details Corporations and organizations from around the world utilize our online programs to help their employees learn Arabic.
  • Arabic for Banking Professionals Contact us for more details