On December the 12th at the Nile University Egyptian engineering graduate and teacher’s assistant Haitham Desouky was awarded first prize in the ‘Stars of Science’ competition for his invention of Vivifi,  special surface stickers with touch screen ability. The stickers are placed opposite each other on the interface and rely on electrostatic energy from non-conductive surfaces like plastic, glass and wood which then converts them into a touch sensitive feature.

The president of the Nile University Tarek Khalil said in his speech that it was great to see Egypt having strength in its young scholars during this period of transition.

Desouky said he was honored to be there, and he was delighted his work will be turned into reality for all to use, especially the people of Egypt. He said that he hoped Egypt would recognize the need for inventions and that more money should be invested into taking young inventors more seriously.

This years celebration was sponsored by technical giants, Microsoft, Vodafone, TeData and the Smart Village where it was held. The sponsors said they are excited  about Desouky and what the future will bring and have offered to help him with the publicity of Vivifi and future inventions.

Desouky showed interest in science and started inventing at an early age spending hours in his workshop at home dismantling his toys to study how they were made. His first ever invention was a heart rate monitor that would release an alarm if the rate dropped below normal. He is an engineering graduate from Al-Azhar University in Cairo and a teaching assistant at The Nile University.

The ‘Stars of Science’ competition was developed by the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community development. This innovation competition is also the first pan-Arab reality television show focusing on the next generation of  young Arab inventors out of 8000 competitors. Its mission is to enhance human life and create an area of education solely for students and scholars to develop skills for a knowledge based economy.