Leon Panetta the Defense Secretary brought to ahead a little while ago the progress regarding the Pentagon position in the teaching of the Arabic language, and those of Afghanistan (Dari and Pashto) to American troops. Unfortunately he admitted that much more help was required. At a similar time an officer in active service in Saudi Arabia announced on a website that military personnel needed more help to gain language skills. The main focus of the subject of language learning is particularly aimed at troops that are going to be in service in Afghanistan and Iraq.

It is obvious that learning these languages will aid troops to understand the cultures of these countries and also enable them to operate more efficiently once they are in it. The active soldier based in Saudi who acts as a military advisor between the Saudi and Afghan forces stated that learning these languages will definitely help towards building better techniques that will be more effective in the future. There will be no need to employ interpreters, and will increase the amount of military able to converse on security and other matters.

Panetta stated that languages are an essential role in understanding the world. Learning what motivates the countries we are fighting in is imperative. We have to have good insight into their beliefs, ideologies, economic and political theories, culture and what they love and hate. The current program is weak and needs to be reinforced as it is a valuable asset to a soldier just as much as their skills with a tank or rifle.  This war has been going on a decade and more needs to be done now.

Learning the Arabic language has proven to enhance peoples careers in corporate roles where American Companies and Arab Companies are in partnership, so learning these languages will certainly be a huge benefit to our troops. Our soldiers will also feel more confident having knowledge of the way these people think and do things.