Renowned for her love of light and black and white photographs of street life and live portraits,  Marwah who grew up in Saudi Arabia has extended her gift to both the inside and outside. Her most recent shoot ‘Avant Garde Arabia’ captures the original costumes of Gulf female dress in traditional and contemporary style which made headlines in various media publications in her own kingdom and elsewhere.

Marwah was originally born in Alzhobar but mostly grew up in Ridah. She was inspired by the artistic side of natural street life and first started shooting black and white photo’s 11 years ago when she took a sudden interest in innocent everyday people. She attended the King Saudi University where she studied a degree in business, but then went on to London to study her Masters Degree in photo journalism because of their particular practice and theory combination. This also included the understanding of photo journalism on a contemporary level to add to her skills. She told Arab News “To me traveling is a source of knowledge that gave me a strong base in my career as a photographer. Buildings, colors and languages have been a major inspiration to me. I fully believe the more I share the more I gain.

Her greatest moment was last month when she was invited to cover the London Film Festival Premieres. Her focus was mainly on the crowd of fans waiting for a glimpse of their favorite stars, capturing the anticipation in their faces and the delight when they arrive. Thanks to the encouragement of her parents who gave her the freedom to explore with them their passion for travel and the arts, the Arab world has a new shining star.