Why the Arabic Language Academy?

In the Arabic Language Academy we have 10 years of extensive teaching experience.We understand our students want to learn Arabic for all kinds of reasons, this is why we customize our learning programs and offer personalized tuition. Our tutors are native professionals from some of the most prestigious universities, they are all bilingual in writing and speaking English offering you their excellent communication and interpersonal skills. You are not just paying for your lessons you are investing in results!

Integrated learning

Our Arabic tuition process involves a fully integrated approach that exposes you not only to reading and writing but also to the culture and music immediately. We feel that for our students to fully learn Arabic they should have full exposure to the language from the beginning in a friendly and understanding environment. We aim to offer a creative approach to your tuition to ensure you enjoy it at the same time as becoming proficient.

Real conversational tutoring

Stop learning this wonderful foreign language backwards! Our Arabic tuition includes real conversational learning, live and interactive lessons, which is proven over and over to be the most effective and fun way to learn Arabic efficiently and quickly. Our students enjoy learning using Skype and a variety of other cost-effective internet solutions to interact one-on-one with out tutors.

Customized lessons

Not everyone is expected to learn Arabic at the same speed, some of our students have already started their Arabic language training elsewhere so they come to us at all different levels. When you learn with us you get customized lessons suited to your individual needs.

Flexible schedules

We understand that not everyone has the same life schedule and it’s important for you to have flexibility in your Arabic language lesson program. We will design a schedule that is useful and one that fits around your lifestyle, and even when things change we’ll adjust when necessary.

One-on-one tuition

Make no mistake, you’ll have all the support and guidance you need to really understand the Arabic language. A core element of our Arabic tuition is to give you one on one tutoring so you will feel totally confident with your new language skills.