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There are over 50 top USA companies based in the state of  Dubai alone, including Citibank, Turner International Construction, Johnson and Johnson health organization, Mainline Interiors and the Bank of America. Since 1962 Abu Dhabi was the first of the Emirates to begin exporting oil and as a result changed the UAE’s economy and transformed it from a fishing and pearl industry into a wealth of  business attracting foreign workers and global business investment.

Dubai which has smaller oil reserves capitalized on this turn around and now has become a huge centre for business and tourism.  Since the year 200o when there was a credit boom Dubai quickly became the financial and cosmopolitan hub of the Arab Middle East countries and states. Since it’s rise the government has since focused on the booming business’s instead of relying on the oil exports.

It welcomed foreign investment to create stunning buildings like the famous Burj Khalifa, the tallest man made building and the unique man made palm islands.

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest hand built building!

Dubai also houses the amazing Internet and Media cities that are thriving. The Internet City is the largest communications, technology and information area in the Middle East and North Africa. The Media City is a buzzing business community. Both house regional and global companies and offer a 100% business ownership scheme and exemption from taxes.

Quite amazing to think that this only started back in 1950 when the late Sheik Zayed ruler of Abu Dhabi and then President of the UAE was smart enough to see the potential of the oil industry, and what could be achieved.

Today the UAE has become a much more liberal country than most other countries in the gulf, especially Dubai where it tolerates other beliefs and cultures.