On October 20th 135 people gathered at ‘Desert Rock’  in Jeddah, on the coast of the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia. An unusual place to start a hike in the sweltering afternoon heat, but they were ready to hike the mountains for cancer. In this instance the hike was to raise funds for pediatric cancer patients. The activity was organized by Jeddah’s Back Pack group initially formed by two ambitious young people.

The Back Pack group attempts to organize an event every month for a cause in need of funds in any activity where you can use a back pack, like running, hiking, climbing or cycling.

This hike was aimed at raising funds for two very ill children, an Iraqi 10 year old girl called Huda and Ahmed a 4 year old Palestinian boy. Huda has Neuroblastoma, cancer of the tissues, nerves and adrenal gland. She has already had several chemotherapy sessions but needs a further $42,000 to continue. Ahmed suffers from Leukemia and needs at least $70,000 for his treatment which will take 3 years.

The spirit among the hikers was incredible and some people had flown from other parts of the world to take part. Afterwards they all enjoyed a well deserved BBQ provided by Juicy Burger the main sponsor.

The next activity is still in the planning stages, but will hopefully take place in December and will be for, poor families in South Jeddah, kids scholarships in Palestine and impoverished widows. Many of the hikers are said to be keen to participate in the next activity.

The two young people who initiated the ‘Back Pack Group’ are Ammer Mohammed and Dania Al-Masri, who’s aim is to conquer causes by attracting people from all over the world to join them in their quests!

For students learning the Arabic language these activities would be the ideal opportunity to immerse yourself with Arabic people, while helping towards the causes.