Ali Alireza, Managing director of Haji Husein Alireza Co. stated that Saudi Arabia’s car imports in 2012 are expected to reach 700,000, after sales in 2011 crossed 650,000 cars

He went to state that because of the strong rising oil prices and strong economy the increase of car sales in the Kingdom will continue to increase. Other analyst from the industry have also commented that by 2013 the sales in the Kingdom could hit 880,000 which will mean a huge 50% rise since 2008.

The Saudi International Motor Show opened its doors on the 19th of November for 5 days which drew a large amount of visitors to the exhibits. Alireza was speaking from the show and said that really factories manufacturing spare parts should have been in place before the actual car factories them selves.

The center stage at the motor show were exhibits from the Japanese, however China and Korea received a lot of interest in their BYD, Geely and Lifan.

A Saudi housewife was very impressed with the Chinese and Korean cars because of their competitiveness in price. She went on to stay she will be recommending them to her husband.

The exclusive dealers for the Chinese made Geely cars is Alireza’s company that launched the product earlier this year.

The show gives people wanting to change their car  a chance to look at these new makes of cars closely and get all the info first hand. Mr Abdul Aziz Al-Ghamdi a member of the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and industry stated it was a great opportunity to check out the cars before making a decision.

The makers of Suzuki, Hyundai, Toyota, Honda, Prestige Motor World and the other Chinese models said they were grateful for the chance to launch and display their models and brands and thanked them for the platform provided to show their cars.

Toyota show cased their new 2012 full range that caters for each market which caused great interest among the visitors . They stated that is was a great opportunity to interact with consumers from all age groups and business backgrounds. There display included their very latest FT-86 concept car and the brand new Camry 2012 never seen before by the Saudi public.

Also show cased were smaller cars from world wide manufacturers aimed at the current trend of  consumers buying small car models for their families. Adnan Tamimi an automobile technician in Saudi said this was a good move as the Saudi market is rising, more families are looking for smaller cars.

Through the success of the show and rising market the company for exhibitions is going to organize the 34th SIMS show from December 17th – 21st in 2012.