If you enjoy your dance music and are learning the Arabic language then check out these two well established Egyptian DJ’s.

Aly and Fila are the most successful DJ partnership to come out of Egypt, their talent in creating trance music is up there with the best. They have a new record label ‘Future Sound of Egypt’ and their highly successful radio show named the same. In 2008 they started up and within only one year they created their album ‘Trance World 2′ and began receiving great reviews that led to them ranking no. 12 in the Trance Addicts top 250.

These cool music makers have been rated by DJ magazines as being in the top 20 and celebrated their 200th radio show close to home. The said they wanted to bring their celebrations back to where it all began. They had joked about performing at the Pyramids but said unfortunately their budget didn’t exceed to such an amazing venue.

The event instead took place at the Sharm El- Sheik venue Echo Temple where they were headliners among some of the finest local DJ’s and European colleagues. Their trance sounds are created to float through the body and create uplifting moods. Their music is made up of musical compositions unlike other electronic sounds. They purposely named their tracks with Egyptian titles to prove that trance does exist and is enjoyed in Egypt.

They said they were so proud to get to their 200th show, named The Future Sound of Egypt and celebrate it on home ground, it was a dream come true! They are hoping their new record label will help towards giving local hidden talent a chance to gain an identity. They believe there isĀ  a great deal out their that after working hard will get the recognition they deserve.