Dubai is the major leading city in the UAE because of what it offers in location, business opportunities, lifestyle, tourism and the fact it has adapted to a cosmopolitan culture. There are two areas to Dubai, the more traditional area of  Bur Dubai in the south and the more bustling area of Deira in the north.

The major dynamic area of Dubai is the Hults Campus that is home to 94% of the 150 different nationalities that reside and work here. There is a diverse student population here as well as the hub of some international organizations, and corporate business’s.

Foreign nationals from America, the UK and India have flocked here over the last decade for career benefits and to enjoy the life style. These people have made a difference to the religious side of things by bringing Christianity, Hinduism and more diverse religions outside Islam.

The real natives of Dubai are still very traditional and respect their culture despite what is going on around them. The wonderful thing about Dubai is its hospitality however the locals still celebrate their customs and ceremonial occasions out of high respect.

This amazing city is the core of trade and business thanks to its massive success in securing deals with emerging markets and expansion in many corporate areas.  Most of those that contribute to this bustling business community are of MBA age and extremely ambitious. The Business area and shopping mall are the largest in the world and continues to grow, and the airport is one of the busiest and a leader in aerospace division.

There is a variety of international and local cuisine on offer with Chinese being one of the most popular even though the natives are opposed to it. To buy alcohol you still need a permit but in all the many hotels it is served as normal to westerners. The music scene is great out here with stars like Elton John and Kylie holding concerts and each year there is a huge event called Dessert Rocks that invites international rock stars to perform.

Sport is a really popular activity in Dubai especially cricket, football, tennis, golf and the most famous horse race in the world is held here aptly named the Dubai Cup. Tourism is booming in this city and there are many well know stars buying holiday homes or holidaying.

The best way to experience Dubai is to learn some of the Arabic language and mix with the natives who will not only show you respect but will give you an insight into their real lifestyle. So put the International lifestyle aside and get under their skin and experience its heritage and culture as it truly is even though whatever nationality you are you will be made welcome.