Why the Arabic Language Matters!


My goal as an Arabic teacher is to help to prepare American students for the future, as getting by in Arabic is simply not enough. My distance learning methods are proven and enable my students to learn at their own pace and convenience. The world is changing rapidly and connections with the Middle East are becoming essential to the economy. So, it is imperative that students are introduced to the language from an early age.


10 Reasons to Learn Arabic:


1. Do you ever travel to Arabic countries?

Arabs feel very honoured when people try to speak their lingo, and find it extremely polite. They are that impressed that anyone making the effort will be treated as a very special guest. Learning the language will also help you understand the locals and their culture much better.

2. Do you have to contact Arab people because of your job?

Imagine how learning the language will help you establish good relationships and improve business.

3. Are you going to work in a cultural or diplomatic organization?

If this is the case then you have to really consider how learning Arabic will be essential to your role as more and more Arab countries are involved in world wide relations and affairs.

4.  Do you do business with in the Middle East?

Just look at the massive economic boom in Dubai and imagine how learning this language will improve career opportunities. You only have to look at the massive investments that have been put into the Middle East like tourism, communications, building and finance. It’s a fact that the economy has risen a whopping 120% from 2003 through to 2008.

My lessons will give you great learning opportunities at your convenience and also a look into the culture. Take a free trial lesson here!

 5.  Do you live in the Middle East?

It is impossible to live in a foreign country with out some understanding of the language. Not to mention how frustrating daily life would be. Immersion is the best way to learn any language and culture.

6. Is any area of your life related to Islam?

As we all know this language is the core of Islam and the language of the holy Quran.

The Arabic version of the Quran is the only one accepted in many parts of the world and the Middle East. It has been stated that you cannot translate the meanings.

This language can help to bring mixed religious communities together and a way for Non-Muslims to learn about Islam.

7. Are their any Arab people in your social circles or family?

This is a great opportunity to practice and also make learning more fun. Your relationships would reach a totally different level of understanding which can only be a good thing.

Arabs love socializing over a colorful array of their cuizine!

8. Are you simply interested in the Middle Eastern culture?

Getting to understand any culture is best done through language.

9. Do you wish to work in the Middle East?

As I have already mentioned it will make your life a lot easier if you learn at least the general every day aspects of the language. You will also be better accepted locally.

10. Do you just enjoy learning languages?

As much of a challenge it may be learning this language will give you a joyous experience, and one you can be proud of.

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