53 Countries to Participate in Qur’an Contest in Makkah!

53 Countries to Participate in Qur’an Contest in Makkah!

Under the aegis of Custodian of the king Abdullah, the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowment, Call and Guidance will organize in December the King Abdul Aziz International Contest for memorizing the Holy Qur’an, with entries from 53 countries.

This 33rd contest will happen in Makkah regarded as the holiest city in Islam and the site of the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad, the aim is to draw attention to the Kingdom’s interest in the recitation and memororization of the Holy Qur’an.  Salman bin Muhammed Al-Amri the public relations director stated the  aim is to promote the study of the Holy Qur’an throughout young Muslims. He also stated from the 53 countries there are 161 contestants, where 87 are representing their governments and 66 are represnting Islamic organizations.

There will be ten judges, six of these are Egyptian Ahmad Al- Maasarawi, Jordanian Samih Al-Asaminah, Lamat A-Ameen from Mauritious, Abdul Malik Lazim from Malaysia, Muhammad Hakeem from Pakisatn and Nigerian Sadiq Zawiyah. The other four are from the Kingdom and they are Salim Al-Shenqiti, Saud Al-Ghonaim, Emad Zuhair Hafiz and Ibrahim Al-Dossary.

The contest has five parts: Memorization of full text with the recitation delivered in the correct intonation, memorization of juz with recitation in the correct intonation, memorization of 10 continuous juz with the recitation in the correct intonation, meaning of words and commentary. The last part is for non-Muslim countries.

It also includes the memorization of five continuous juz parts with the correct intonation. The first winner in the first category receives SR100,000, the second receives SR,90,000, the third receives is SR80,000, the fourth receives SR70,000 and the fifth prize winner will receive SR60,000

Salman bin Muhammed Al-Amri stated that the Kingdom spends more than SR100 million yearly for the contest without seeking any material motive.

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The Arabic Language and Business!

The Arabic Language and Business!

The imp0rtance of the Arabic language in the international business arena has evolved over the last century, and is now 5th on the list of widely spoken languages in the world. Many new phrases and words have been incorporated to keep up with the ever changing business world and technological terminology. Also, influenced by western media, the Arab world has adapted to journalistic writing methods especially for broadcasting and advertising purposes.

Learning Arabic opens up a whole new world of international business opportunities: professionally, culturally, socially, and economically. We live in a world today that relies on others to give us certain services, supply us with their goods, find solutions to political and national problems,  and manage international security. The importance of understanding each other in the world today is more important than ever.

The Arab nations and Middle Eastern markets are booming in various sectors of business and industry, and some are turning into very influential world wide economies. Some of those sectors are real estate, banking, International Compliance Training, tourism, gas and oil. It is essential to understand and speak Arabic if you do business or are employed in any of these sectors.

The Arab world comprises of 22 states and territories formerly known as the Arab League!

There is a very high demand for westerners who speak Arabic, but unfortunately a low supply. There are so many opportunities in various industries to have a career at an international level. Some of those opportunities lie in education, foreign services, Journalism, finance, security and various units of the UN. As the population of Arabs living in Western countries is rising the U.S. government is encouraging people to learn the language for career enhancement and financial rewards.

By promoting intercultural understanding and building solid relationships with Arabic people we could help towards avoiding any future conflicts and instead help each others economies.

By learning the Arabic language you will gain a deeper understanding of there lifestyle, enjoy traveling more in these countries, while helping to increase trade and industry.

The Arab states have a lot to offer in terms of lifestyle and culture also. They are rich in music, art, literature, cuisine, and offer a unique way of living.







Luxor’s Winter Palace Hotel 1907!

Luxor’s Winter Palace Hotel 1907!

If you are in the process of learning the Arabic language and wish to travel to Egypt to gain experience of its culture, its people and everyday life then a visit to Luxor is a must! Luxor is steeped in ancient history and has been described as a huge open air museum.

One of the attractions of the Winter Palace Hotel is its rather unusual gift shop that was set up by a Mr Gaddis in 1902. He hung a sign up in the shop that says ‘You are requested to feel at home here. The staff will serve you cheerfully but it is strictly forbidden to importune you to buy’

The shop originally offered photo developing for guests along with trinkets, books, historical gifts and traveling items. Although the sign is a little amusing, it does actually say a lot about the hotel and its spirit. The staff are extremely charming and all guests are requested to explore the hotel grounds and empty rooms of over one hundred years old.

The Winter Palace was built back in 1886 and looks across the Nile at the Valley of the Kings and the Theban necropolis. The hotel is also very close to Luxor’s famous temple. The French company Sofitel manage the hotel with a delightful infusion of Egyptian hospitality, heritage and French savoir faire resulting in a charming place to stay.

The Winter Palace is a magical travel experience in itself, with the bellboys in their colorful embroidered jackets and red fezzes, the stunning grand staircase that takes your breath away, and an interior that takes you back to the 19th century. The concierge staff are friendly yet sincere, and the ambiance is full of refinement.

Many famous guests and Royalty have stayed in the Winter Palace such as Agatha Christie, French President Nicholas Sarkozy, and King Farouk used the hotel as his residence when visiting Luxor. On the steps of this hotel Patron Lord Carnarvon along with Howard Crater officially announced the findings of the tomb of King Tutankhamun

Recently the hotel underwent a refurbishment project which will soon be completed. The hotel offers 92 rooms and seven suites that are all very generous in size in comparison to others in Egypt. Many have grand windows with lovely views of the hotel’s  tropical gardens which are are vast and full of exotic plants and flowers.


Egyptian Team Gains an Award for Hepatitis C Detection!

Egyptian Team Gains an Award for Hepatitis C Detection!

An Egyptian scientific team received an award of $10,000 for their innovation in detecting Hepatitis C. at the yearly Intel Global Challenge. The entrepreneurs named NanoDiagX developed a test of the virus by using gold nanoparticles that can detect the disease in less than an hour saving a huge tenth of the usual costs.

Dr. Hassan M.E. Azzazy is the coordinator of the team which includes Sherif Mohamed Shawky, Ahmed H. Tolba, Tamer M. Samir and Mai M.H. Mansour. This is the seventh Technology Business Plan Competition for the Arab states that is organized by partners of Intel Corporation, the Arab Science Technology Foundation, and also in collaboration with UNIDO, United Nations for Industrial Development.

Over 200 million people all over the world are infected by the virus, so it is a great honor for the team to achieve this and be recognized.

It is critical to determine the virus as early as possible to reduce transmissions, and at the moment there are two tests required. NonoDiagX has future plans to use this amazing new technology to help towards tuberculosis and some bio markers of cancer.

The president of the Intel Foundation stated that through these programs she is amazed at how these dedicated entrepreneurs will make such a positive impact into communities, the economy and individuals.

The Intel Global Challenge was developed to encourage students to take part with their innovative ideas, and receive the rewards to continue in there research and development that will effect the society.

This year 22 countries took part including Yemen, Russia, Turkey,Poland, Portugal, Israel, Denmark, Lebanon, Jordan, China and of course Egypt. China came first with an image sharing service, that can transform photo’s into products or art. Russia came second with an innovative inexpensive DNA testing system that can identify thousands of infectious diseases, genetic problems and conditions that are hereditary thanks to its portable ability.

The entrepreneurs were asked to present their ideas in various fields of disaster management, health care, energy conservation and technology. Some of the plans included advanced detection and protection of fire, a packaging system that contained coconut and ultraviolet radiation detection. This a brilliant way to try and solve some of our worlds challenges.

The total in cash awards from The Intel Foundation was $100,000!



News! Troops Need More Help in Language Skills!

News! Troops Need More Help in Language Skills!

Leon Panetta the Defense Secretary brought to ahead a little while ago the progress regarding the Pentagon position in the teaching of the Arabic language, and those of Afghanistan (Dari and Pashto) to American troops. Unfortunately he admitted that much more help was required. At a similar time an officer in active service in Saudi Arabia announced on a website that military personnel needed more help to gain language skills. The main focus of the subject of language learning is particularly aimed at troops that are going to be in service in Afghanistan and Iraq.

It is obvious that learning these languages will aid troops to understand the cultures of these countries and also enable them to operate more efficiently once they are in it. The active soldier based in Saudi who acts as a military advisor between the Saudi and Afghan forces stated that learning these languages will definitely help towards building better techniques that will be more effective in the future. There will be no need to employ interpreters, and will increase the amount of military able to converse on security and other matters.

Panetta stated that languages are an essential role in understanding the world. Learning what motivates the countries we are fighting in is imperative. We have to have good insight into their beliefs, ideologies, economic and political theories, culture and what they love and hate. The current program is weak and needs to be reinforced as it is a valuable asset to a soldier just as much as their skills with a tank or rifle.  This war has been going on a decade and more needs to be done now.

Learning the Arabic language has proven to enhance peoples careers in corporate roles where American Companies and Arab Companies are in partnership, so learning these languages will certainly be a huge benefit to our troops. Our soldiers will also feel more confident having knowledge of the way these people think and do things.




Marwah AlMujait Celebrates Gulf Female Dress!

Marwah AlMujait Celebrates Gulf Female Dress!

Renowned for her love of light and black and white photographs of street life and live portraits,  Marwah who grew up in Saudi Arabia has extended her gift to both the inside and outside. Her most recent shoot ‘Avant Garde Arabia’ captures the original costumes of Gulf female dress in traditional and contemporary style which made headlines in various media publications in her own kingdom and elsewhere.

Marwah was originally born in Alzhobar but mostly grew up in Ridah. She was inspired by the artistic side of natural street life and first started shooting black and white photo’s 11 years ago when she took a sudden interest in innocent everyday people. She attended the King Saudi University where she studied a degree in business, but then went on to London to study her Masters Degree in photo journalism because of their particular practice and theory combination. This also included the understanding of photo journalism on a contemporary level to add to her skills. She told Arab News “To me traveling is a source of knowledge that gave me a strong base in my career as a photographer. Buildings, colors and languages have been a major inspiration to me. I fully believe the more I share the more I gain.

Her greatest moment was last month when she was invited to cover the London Film Festival Premieres. Her focus was mainly on the crowd of fans waiting for a glimpse of their favorite stars, capturing the anticipation in their faces and the delight when they arrive. Thanks to the encouragement of her parents who gave her the freedom to explore with them their passion for travel and the arts, the Arab world has a new shining star.

Sucessful Talks on How to Expand Trade Between the U.S and Egypt!

Sucessful Talks on How to Expand Trade Between the U.S and Egypt!

Another great reason to learn the Arabic language, as business is expanding between the U.S and the Arab world. Soon many corporate companies in the U.S will be trading with companies in all sectors.

Last month from Washington the U.S stated the were keen to expand trading links with Egypt, the most populated country in the Arab world. A U.S. economic trade official said this will also help the country in its process towards democracy.

The U.S deputy of trade Miriam Sapiro stated the the U.S regards the high importance of developing their trading relationship with Egypt. She recently attended a positive meeting near Jordan with the Mahmoud Eisa, Egypt’s Minister for trade and industry.

It was established at the meeting that both parties have a great commitment to increase investments and trading and work closely together to improve economic partnerships by encouraging integration amongst the Arab regions.

There will be further talks next month in Washington between Mahmoud and Miriam who’s mission is to improve the U.S economy in answer to the ‘Arab Spring’  recent events.

Trading greatly increased in 2010 by 30% to $9.1 billion and this year investments into Egypt have risen to $11.7 billion a percentage of 28.4. This year during the first eight months showed steady trading reaching $6 billion despite the resignation of Hasni Mubarak the President.

Back in May the U.S President Barak Obama stated there was a new relationship to cement the partnerships in response to the many changes occurring in the Arab World. The plans are said to be aimed at other regions of the Arab world including North Africa and the whole of the Middle East, focusing mainly on Tunisia and Egypt.

Also as the situation begins to become more stable in Libya this will soon become another focus.

Eventually the goal will hopefully develop free trading between the regions that will be willing to reform and lessen trade restrictions.

This is is great news for both economies, and a positive move to strengthening trading partnerships.

Egyptian Theater Show Travels to London

Egyptian Theater Show Travels to London

The Arabian Dance Theater Company has a new show called ‘Under the Sun’ and debuted it at the Jacksons Lane Art Center in London last month. The show is about a real Bedouin character who for goes her usual lifestyle to pursue her dreams of becoming a dancer in Cairo. The show includes a mix of contemporary culture and traditions in Egypt today.

The presentation was full of  displays of  different styles of Egyptian dance, contemporary dance moves, with beautiful costumes, lots of energy and spiritually elevating music from the typical Arabic culture.

The shows producer, Tara Oakley and the director, Shafee Ibrahim visited the South Sinai to study the Bedouin culture and their way of life. Each day they spent time with tribal leaders, families, medicine men, and attended traditional Bedouin weddings to learn and be inspired by their local dance forms.

They also learned about how the changes in today’s modern life has brought different elements to their usual lifestyle, and traditional culture. The show was inspired by a particular Bedouin girl aged 18, called Aisha with whom they stayed with. She was so ambitious about becoming a dancer even if it meant she would be excluded from her family and frowned upon amongst her tribe.

Each day she became more adamant about her dream and continued to ask people about their opinions on her plans to fulfill it. Ibrahim said this was a particularly tough achievement for any Bedouin female.

Aisha is very proud to be a Bedouin but has constantly contradicted her culture by working, studying, learning English, mixing with foreigners, using a handbag and even wearing trousers. Oakley and Ibriham were inspired by her strength and determination.

The story behind ‘Under The Sun is all about self discovery, achieving dreams, and going against a culture with sheer ambition.

The Arabian Dance Theater was formed to bring to attention the importance of Arabic music and dance. Since 2008 they have continually worked on representing modern and traditional Arab dance movements. The aim of the theater is to bring presence and awareness of Arabic culture through the arts.

Experiencing the Arabic culture through dance and music is a wonderful addition to your Arabic language study program.


President Obama Congratulates The King Abdullah!

President Obama Congratulates The King Abdullah!

RIYADH: Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah received a congratulatory cable from US President Barack Obama Monday, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The U.S President offered congratulations from himself and his wife Michelle to Muslims in the rest of the world and the U.S on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha and especially to the pilgrims who all carried out one of the basic rites of Islam. He said they were proud of the thousands of U.S. pilgrims that united with 3 million Muslims in Haj this year.

This festival of sacrifice is to commemorate Abraham who was going to sacrifice his son in an act of obedience to God, until God intervened and gave him a sheep instead. The President said that he admired the pilgrims offering sacrifices themselves by giving meat to the needy, including the people suffering from droughts in the Horn of Africa.

“While such a huge number of people from various racial and economic backgrounds overcome their differences for a greater cause, in it there is a lesson for the entire mankind that differences of people are a source of strength and is a blessing of God that should be celebrated,” Obama said.

He finished by saying that these days were blessed, and that he spoke for the American people when offering his sincerest greetings to the Muslim people on Eid Al-Adha and all who took part in the Haj.

This year Eid Al-Adha started on the 6th of November and ends on the 9th, many families get together and have long lunches or late breakfasts, treating themselves to sweets, and wearing brand new clothes while children are given gifts or money. The prayer is about sacrificing something to the poor like a sheep, camel or lamb.

The U.S Egypt Business Council Is on A Mission!

The U.S Egypt Business Council Is on A Mission!

Another great reason to learn Arabic, and advance your career prospects!

The mission is to be the main vehicle for both parties to promote the economic, commercial and business relationship between Egypt and the U.S.A. It is located in Washington D.C. and is the main support system on behalf of top U.S companies doing business and working with Egypt.

Top executives from all business sectors that are the main investors in Egypt are on the council board. The Vice Chairmen are Curt Ferguson, the president of Coca-Cola Company in N/W Africa and Tom Walter the chairman of  Exxon Mobil Egypt and the Chairman is Steve Harris the CEO of Apache.

The council is a close affiliate of the US Chamber of Commerce and has total access to the legal affairs divisions, congressional office, and other useful institutes that can be used as an advantage towards programs, council policies and other initiatives.

The council organizes a program schedule of publications and events that reaches out to the U.S and Egyptian business leaders, government officials and the council members.

Member companies include:

Apache Corporation, The Boeing Company, British American Tobacco, The Coca-Cola Company, General Motors, Fed Ex, Google, Visa International, General Electric, The Crysler Group, DuPont, PepsiCo, and more.

In the U.S the USEBC works alongside the Egyptian Embassy organizing business events throughout the U.S with top government officials from both parties. The council also does the same in Egypt working alongside the U.S. Embassy promoting commercial links and benefits.

All members of the USEBC have had opportunities to meet the Egyptian Prime Minister and other ministers of investments, electricity, petroleum, finance, trade and industry, communications, IT and more.

There are three major areas that the USEBC focuses on, business expansion, policy formulation and advocacy, and developing the network.

The council looks for projects that can offer business ventures to its member companies, and also brings together facilitators.

It continues to establish strategic links with like-minded organizations in both Egypt and the U.S and strengthens existing relationships.

This is great news! Building solid foundations and business ventures for both parties means a better economy.

Anyone working in these industries will benefit from learning the Arabic language, it can only advance your career, social network and understanding of the Arab nations.

At the Arabic Language Academy we offer specialized corporate programs for your sector or one on one personal tuition.