The First Water Hackathon Was Held in Cairo This Month!

The First Water Hackathon Was Held in Cairo This Month!

The First water Hackathon held at the American University in Cairo took place to brainstorm new solutions for water challenges.

The event was organized in a competitive way where 13 expert water and technology teams were asked to create an ICT solution to solve one of the nine major water problems

The aim was for the teams to identify the severe water challenges to deal with flooding, drought, irrigation, sanitation, and water shed management.

Studies have shown that by 2017  Egypt’s water supply will need to increase dramatically due to population growth and the reduced flow of the River Nile that is caused by an increase in evaporation.

There are talks that people from the IT sector could get involved as the iPhone now has an application that allows to measure water purity.

Carlo Rossotto the regional co-ordinator for the MENA in the GICT Policy Division sector of the World Bank said they were trying to develop innovative ways to bring local communities on board with local issues. There are some development issues in the environmental sector, the health sector and educational sector in Egypt. This event brought together water experts together with software developers from the ITC sector in hoping to improve society with technology.

Another problem proposed by the organizers asked for an IT tool that would contribute to a more equitable water distribution in Egypt, especially in areas where the water goes on and off, while a second problem required a tracking tool for a community sewage disposal system in Egypt, for underprivileged neighborhoods with no sewage system.

After two days of brainstorming, the different teams presented on Saturday afternoon their projects in front of a panel of judges.

The winning team’s idea entailed establishing a water distribution project that brings together the Ministry of Agriculture, the farmers, and the telecommunications sector.

“I am neither a software programmer nor a water specialist, I came here by chance and I saw this event,” said Nagham Osman, a member of the winning team.

“My being here shows that anybody can participate in finding a partial solution to the global water problem,” Osman concluded.

A parallel Water Hackathon event was organized simultaneously in Bangalore, Kampala, London, Nairobi and Washington D.C.

Pashion Magazine Launches Cairo’s ‘Fashion Nights’ Event!

Pashion Magazine Launches Cairo’s ‘Fashion Nights’ Event!

For all you guys who wish to learn Arabic, and have a passion for fashion, read here about this big event taking place to get Egypt back on the fashion map.

Pashion Magazine launches Cairo’s Fashion Nights, a 2 day extravaganza offering the people of Cairo a new shopping experience. It brings a taste of New York, Paris and Milan today and tomorrow in the Zamalek neighborhood, promising much more than just fashion at the event.

Anna Wintour the chief editor of Vogue USA began the event two years ago in New York and hopes it will create a revival in the local fashion industry and local economics. The idea worked and has since been done in London, Paris, Milan and Australia. Many models joined in and stores stayed open late to accommodate the people wanting to buy.

This year Susan Sabit chief editor of the Cairo based fashion magazine Pashion has organized the Fashion Nights event. She is well known for organizing the Luxury for a Cause event where she brought Egypt’s retailers and designers together in a successful 1 day event where part of the profits went to charity.

The event is hoping to promote local talented designers relatively unknown and bring consumers into their boutiques and stores to encourage spending that has hit a low since the revolution. Susan wants to encourage people to spend their money in Egypt instead of abroad and help kick start the fashion industry in Egypt. The event will reach thousands of foreigners in the fashion industry and put Egypt back on the fashion map.

A small booklet has been created to list the participating stores and designers who will be taking part over the two-day event. Amuse concept store, Azza Fahmy, Dina Ayesh Night, Ghazl Banat boutique, Lalloushi, Mohamed Al Sagheer, and Villa Baboushka are but some of the names set to open up their doors for participants.

Each store involved will be expected to present events like make up presentations, fashion shows, photo shoots and invite designers to attract visitors. There will be a lot of creativity expected from each store, like special window displays, with also lots of creative fun events. It promises to bring a reminder to people that there is space for growth and development in Egypt by giving it this exposure.

Lots of special treats will be given out and food and drink outlets are involved to turn this into one big fashion party.

Egyptian DJ duo Celebrate on Home Ground!

Egyptian DJ duo Celebrate on Home Ground!

If you enjoy your dance music and are learning the Arabic language then check out these two well established Egyptian DJ’s.

Aly and Fila are the most successful DJ partnership to come out of Egypt, their talent in creating trance music is up there with the best. They have a new record label ‘Future Sound of Egypt’ and their highly successful radio show named the same. In 2008 they started up and within only one year they created their album ‘Trance World 2′ and began receiving great reviews that led to them ranking no. 12 in the Trance Addicts top 250.

These cool music makers have been rated by DJ magazines as being in the top 20 and celebrated their 200th radio show close to home. The said they wanted to bring their celebrations back to where it all began. They had joked about performing at the Pyramids but said unfortunately their budget didn’t exceed to such an amazing venue.

The event instead took place at the Sharm El- Sheik venue Echo Temple where they were headliners among some of the finest local DJ’s and European colleagues. Their trance sounds are created to float through the body and create uplifting moods. Their music is made up of musical compositions unlike other electronic sounds. They purposely named their tracks with Egyptian titles to prove that trance does exist and is enjoyed in Egypt.

They said they were so proud to get to their 200th show, named The Future Sound of Egypt and celebrate it on home ground, it was a dream come true! They are hoping their new record label will help towards giving local hidden talent a chance to gain an identity. They believe there is  a great deal out their that after working hard will get the recognition they deserve.

The Ambitious Female Community of Dahshour!

The Ambitious Female Community of Dahshour!

If you are starting to learn Arabic then learning about Arab culture is a must, so read here about this wonderful ancient place steeped in Egyptian history, and its very ambitious female community.

Thirty five year old Om Ahmed Anwar Shahin lives in Dahshour and runs her own daycare center where she teaches tourism courses and children with educational activities, oversees an income-generating project and offers hand made jewellery for sale, as well as being a mother of 5. The day care center is a hub for mums who bring their children or are there to work.

Her ambition to help develop the Dahshour community stemmed from the launch of the Dahshour World Heritage Site for Community Development two years ago on 2009. The aim is to assist the community in developing new skills and eventually placing Dahshour among other top travel destinations.

UNESCO declared Dahshour a World Heritage Site because of its culture, archaeology, ecosystems, but most of all because of the spirit and passion of its people wanting to place it high on the world travel map and give it recognition. According to Shahin there is no where quite like it and went on to say that Dahshour has everything to offer the visitor from history to local hand crafted products that are totally unique.

Even though the center is a success Shahin went on to study tourism and gain a certificate through the Ministry of Tourism especially focused on the community of  Dahshour. Her passion for her town and what it can offer lead her to begin teaching tourism and raise awareness to its people. She also went on to study craft work, so when the tourists come they will want to buy the unique items and accessories.

The women of Dahshour no longer spend their days just raising their children as these typical country side Arabic women used to,  Shahin has given them other interests and ambitions to focus on. Surprisingly the husbands of these women are very encouraging and proud of their wives.

The Snofru Bent Pyramid!

Dahshour is located about 40km south from Cairo on the west bank of the Nile and is well known for the ‘Dahshour Pyramids’, there are several but the most famous are the bent one and a lovely smooth red one. The bent one was the first to be built, but due to engineering problems it never got to the lovely smoothness of the red one, and unfortunately is now badly damage. Of the others the famous red Pyramid was the worlds first ever smooth Pyramid. Dahshour’s Pyramids were built during the rein of Pharao Snofru and is now a Royal Necropolis.

Snofru’s Smooth Red Pyramid!

Apart from its interesting history and special people a very special occurrence happens in the winter when the desert changes into a huge lake giving a variety of migrating birds a sanctuary.

While it may be a long time until we see Dahshour becoming a recognized tourist destination you have to admire the passion and determination of these people.

A Perfect Weekend Away in Jordan’s Paradise Resort!

A Perfect Weekend Away in Jordan’s Paradise Resort!

Thinking of testing your Arabic language and  booking a holiday to an Arab country, then look no further than here. If it’s luxury your looking for then what better place to relax an unwind and practice your new Arab language knowledge among local Jordanians.

Just one hour away from Amman, Jordan’s capital are many beautiful exotic resorts lining the Dead Sea, but the crème de la crème is the Mövenpick Resort and Spa, said to be an exclusive haven and voted by in the top ten Middle East resorts by Condé Nast Traveler Magazine.

The resort is attracting many foreign tourists as well as locals which is great news for Jordan and the Middle East. The inside is decorated in grand chic style and beautiful warm colors, and on arrival guests are treated to a warm welcome and fresh fruit served with complimentary drinks including the famous karakade.

The resort appears like any other 5 star hotel but once inside it is more like a sprawling village layout. The private suites are built in antique style, surrounded by palm trees, water fountains, and lovely gardens. The cool thing about here is the free transport service in the shape of club karts that offer guests trips to wherever they wish to go.

Even though the suites have an antique facade the insides are ultra modern with high quality furnishings, modern televisions, Internet access, a kettle with coffee and tea, a hair dryer, and a complimentary mini bar re-stocked every day. The wooden furniture is made in heavy antique style wood and accessories, complimenting the history and architecture of this region.

The mineral rich mud beach is only a short kart ride away as is the amazing Dead Sea, offering anyone an amazing experience. If the sea is not your thing then the resorts infinity pool over looks the beach offering views that will take your breath away. At sunset you can see the shadows of the West Bank and Jerusalem from here.

A variety of food is available from snacks to steaks and an array of international cuisine along with a variety of entertainment from belly dancing to live music. The busy village square becomes a hub at night attracting those looking for some lively action.

A visit here wouldn’t be complete with out a pamper in the luxurious Zara spa. Although a bit pricy it is full of a vast variety of sophisticated treatments as well as 5 pools. The Spa doubles up as a treatment center offering various mineral resources from the Dead Sea. If you fancy a bit more action then there is also a gymnasium, badminton and tennis courts and even a hiking trail.

The resort offers something for everyone and the staff are very welcome and professional! Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience!

Learn Arabic and Advance in the Corporate World!

Learn Arabic and Advance in the Corporate World!

Why it is essential to learn Arabic to improve your future job prospects!

There are over 50 top USA companies based in the state of  Dubai alone, including Citibank, Turner International Construction, Johnson and Johnson health organization, Mainline Interiors and the Bank of America. Since 1962 Abu Dhabi was the first of the Emirates to begin exporting oil and as a result changed the UAE’s economy and transformed it from a fishing and pearl industry into a wealth of  business attracting foreign workers and global business investment.

Dubai which has smaller oil reserves capitalized on this turn around and now has become a huge centre for business and tourism.  Since the year 200o when there was a credit boom Dubai quickly became the financial and cosmopolitan hub of the Arab Middle East countries and states. Since it’s rise the government has since focused on the booming business’s instead of relying on the oil exports.

It welcomed foreign investment to create stunning buildings like the famous Burj Khalifa, the tallest man made building and the unique man made palm islands.

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest hand built building!

Dubai also houses the amazing Internet and Media cities that are thriving. The Internet City is the largest communications, technology and information area in the Middle East and North Africa. The Media City is a buzzing business community. Both house regional and global companies and offer a 100% business ownership scheme and exemption from taxes.

Quite amazing to think that this only started back in 1950 when the late Sheik Zayed ruler of Abu Dhabi and then President of the UAE was smart enough to see the potential of the oil industry, and what could be achieved.

Today the UAE has become a much more liberal country than most other countries in the gulf, especially Dubai where it tolerates other beliefs and cultures.

The Royal Opera House In Oman Opens to Rave Reviews.

The Royal Opera House In Oman Opens to Rave Reviews.

Great news for  Oman as the Royal Opera House opened its doors on October the 12th showing Puccini’s Turandorf to rave reviews from some of the worlds famous artists. The chorus was lead by non other than Placido Domingo and the opera was directed by Franco Zaffirelli.

Artists perform Puccini’s famous Turadot to the delight of the visitors and famous artists!

It promises to to become a place for showing international performances as well as celebrating Omans deep history and culture. The season looks to be a success as the line up is, Andrea Bocelli, Placido Domingo, soprano Renee Fleming, the American Ballet theater, Wynton Marsalis the famous NYC jazz trumpeter and Yo Yo Ma the world famous cellist from London’s Philharmic Orchestra.

Also on the planned schedule is a tribute to honor famous Arab singer Om Koltoum and a live performance from famous Arab diva Ajda Roumi.

The launch of the project was way back in 2001 on the orders of the Sultan Qaboos, and was officially opened by himself who is a huge music enthusiast. He hopes it will bring a great cultural promotion the the Arab peninsula.

The Glamorous building was built on a 80,000 square meter plot that also houses restaurants, luxury boutiques, a smaller theater, and landscaped garden areas, turning it into an actual cultural center. The only other opera house in the Arab countries is in Cairo.

It hopes to bring new prospects to the area by bringing drama, dance, and music concerts from all over the world and locally re-newing the importance of traditional Arab Music and the arts.

This beautiful building will become somewhere for learning and inspiration where people can enjoy their passion for the arts, music and local heritage.

If you are learning the Arabic language then keep up to date with cultural news here!

News! Celebrating Arab Women in the Future of Science!

News! Celebrating Arab Women in the Future of Science!

Great News from the Arabic Press! Learn more than just the Arab language, here you will get to read cultural and interesting news items.

This month in Beirut, The Arab Science and Technology Foundation proudly presented nine Arab women with $20,000 to further their research and development in their chosen path of science. The women are part of a fellowship named L’Oreal-UNESCO Pan-Arab Regional Fellowship for Women in Science managed by the foundation who presented them. The Science Fellowship welcomes women from 17 Arab countries to participate in furthering their research and share the process of  development to eventually invest in the needs of the Arabic societies and economy.

This a great news for Arab women who are usually not offered the same rights to study sciences and technology. So it is a surprise that in Egypt 50% of professors of science are women!

Among the nine women was Egyptian born,  Shahenda Mahmoud al-Nagger who has been praised for her work in helping to prevent brain tumor cancer cells from replicating and spreading to other body parts. Her research has taught her the process of differentiating the brain tumor cancer stem cells. The $20,000 will enable her to continue her work and buy vital equipment for the lab where she works at the ’57’ children’s cancer hospital on Qasr al-Aim Street.

The rest of the women who were honored were involved in the fight against Aids, fatal water born diseases, breast cancer, cancer therapy and genetic diseases. It seems Arab women are finally getting their place in  the field of science and technology while providing inspiration to other Arab women.

The NUSACC Presents Success of Trade and Investment Between USA and Arab States!

The NUSACC Presents Success of Trade and Investment Between USA and Arab States!

Things can only get better between our nations, the future lies in developing solid business partnerships by understanding their culture and learning the Arabic language

The US-Arab Chamber of Commerce presented successful trade and investment results for last year to the Sultinate of  Oman and the State of Qatar. The delegation showcased US companies that have head quarters in 11 different Arab states resulting in a $130 billion turnover.

H.E Abdullah Bin Hamad Al Attiya (centre) Qatar’s Deputy prime Minister is recognizedby the NUSSACC delegation for his years of service as an honorary board member of the National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce!

Obama’s administration clearly stated that the President wanted to double US exports by the year 2015 with the attention on medium to small businesses. This can only be good news for those who work in an international company with Middle Eastern relations or partners.

Qatar’s Priminister with David Hamod the President and CEO of the NUSACC, Jeffrey Johnsson the President of Boeing in the Middle East and Amim Salam, NUSACC’S Director of Business Development.

The President and CEO of NUSACC stated that this proves that close relations between the two nations can only keep growing and create jobs, business and growth in the economy in the private sector.

The key sectors that were represented included, engineering, information communications technology, construction, development and infrastructure, media, education, health care, transport, defense and security,  aerospace and aviation.

The US Ambassador of the state in Qatar said he commended the NUSACC for bringing a delegation of such high importance to Qatar. The ongoing success is guaranteed to move our nations towards a prosperous future and form a solid economic partnership.

One of the participants in the meeting was Boeing, who stated that Qater is a key business market now and will continue to grow over the next 20 years or so. They said that the keys will be Qater airways and the Qatar Emiri Air Force. The spokesman for Boeing continued to say they were serious about securing a future partnership with Qatari clients, general industry and government bodies.