Global Understanding Through Language Learning!

Back in August  2010 a new bill was passed by congress, called Excellence and Innovation in Language Learning Act. The bill was quietly brought in yet deserves headline news because of the importance to the future economy and security of the U.S.A. Congress proposed legislation to offer every young American the opportunity to study another language as well as English, influencing students to learn Arabic or Mandarin Chinese. China has overtaken the U.S. in college completion and also in their language learning programs so it is imperative to keep up and eventually overtake this and other countries ahead of us at the moment. In Afghanistan the military cost the U.S. $200,000,000 per day so Americans must learn the Arabic language for economic reasons, security, knowledge of the Arab culture and most importantly to save lives.

The funding for this bill is $200,000,000 per year yet measured against the military costs and the $2,000,000,000 lost in business each year because of the lack of language and cultural understanding, seems a small price to pay. It was suggested that the U.S. departments of state in commerce and defense join together and formulate a general summary on how to meet the diverse needs of the students. These sectors of U.S. departments have extensive knowledge in language training and train adults to proficiency level in just two years, so imagine the success rates of teaching much younger students.

The idea was to introduce language teaching from elementary level of education through to secondary until they are proficient. The bill also states that learning a language successfully is influenced by the course structure and not by the number of years it is studied.

Why it is so important!

Many organizations and corporations are praising this legislation as a strategic move, they include the Asia Partnership for Global Learning, American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, Joint National Committee on Languages, Committee for Economic Development and the National Education Association.

The president Barak Obama stated that under the new re-authorization of ESEA in September 2011 (The Elementary and Secondary Education Act) derived from ‘No Child Left Behind’ will concentrate on developing a world class education system. A senior advisor to the Asia Society said that it is vital to understand global cultures, economy, social and environmental systems through learning critical languages. Less than 20% of Americans are proficient in a foreign language, while 90% of Europeans learn at least one other language to fluency level. For the sake of Global understanding and to bridge that gap between our world cultures we must learn Arabic or Mandarin Chinese, the two most critical languages to the U.S. today.



Ancient Egypt will be Shown to the World in Style!

Ancient Egypt will be Shown to the World in Style!

Ancient Egypt will be brought to life in The Grand Egyptian Museum that is on schedule for its inauguration in August 2015 and this week began the final phase of construction. Egypt’s minister of antiquities promised no delays and stands by his commitment to the Egyptian people as they look forward to showing the world ancient Egypt and more modern history of Egypt.

As they signed the official documentation the Belgium BESIX group and Egypt’s Orascom Construction Industries both said that they are totally dedicated to completing the construction on time. The deal between the two companies is said to be worth $810 million.

The Grand Museum is promising to be an architectural modern masterpiece and has a stunning location overlooking the Pyramids at GIZA. Egypt’s current main museum first built in 1891, is located in Cairo in Tahrir square and houses some very special items from ancient Egypt including treasures of Tutankhamon, mummies and precious jewels. This new unique construction will house over 100,000 million artefacts from ancient Egypt and will be the largest conservation center around the globe.

The Minister stated that history is taken place here in celebration on the anniversary of the uprising that forced the prime minister out of duty in the January uprising last year. This stunning museum will honor all who made it happen and the youth of Egypt’s future.

He said he hoped this new addition to Egypt’s history will “honor” the brave youth of the revolution. Last Tuesday the commencement of the building was inaugurated by BESIX and OCI officials. The museum will have a high tech security system unlike the main museum in central Cairo. The hopes are to increase Egypt’s tourism economy and raise employment opportunities for up to 5000.

The total floor area will be 32,000 square meters and will hold special exhibitions as well as permanent ones with virtual screens and the ancient artifacts as mentioned above. The officials involved are aiming to attract between 5 and 8 million visitors throughout the year and will also host a variety of outdoor events in the open spaces of a piazza, Temple Garden, and the four parks, Dunal, Land of Egypt, Nile and a recreational park.

There will also be environmental screens in place to monitor environmental control in each area and will create a feeling of open space. The exterior will be constructed with translucent materials that will allow the illumination though at night. The BESIX actually devised the building methods for the Burj Khalifa in Dubai (the tallest construction in the world) and also the Yas Island Ferrari in Abu Dhabi and the Sheik Zayed Mosque.

As we all know ancient Egypt is fascinating, with its mummies, sphinx, Pharaos and of course the Pyramids, what better way to celebrate than with a new stunning tourist attraction.

Market Growth for Egypt in 2012!

Market Growth for Egypt in 2012!

After the slow economic movement of last year the HSBC stated that this year unpredictable markets will turn into long term opportunities for Egypt. They also predicted a positive outlook towards emerging markets despite the Arab uprisings and the European crisis. The head of  HSBC Global Banking and Markets, Yaser Gamali said that the principles of the Egyptian market are basically strong with diverse markets, an advantageous location and a promising demographic profile. Also with the help of  funding from the IMF (The International Monetary Fund) and some various aid pledges Egypt should be able to lower the governments fiscal deficit by 11% and maintain the budget of LE 134 billion by the end of June 2012 after some severe changes have been made.

Also Egypt plans to increase the prices of gas and electricity in the heavy industry sectors by 33% that will help towards capping the deficit. Further financing could also help towards supporting the Egyptian pound but on the other hand the tourism area and economy could benefit from a weaker currency. All in all the plans look potentially positive and investment looks hopeful in the long term. With emerging markets developing on a wider scale, and added inflation, property and commodity assets will be most favored. With the emerging global markets staying steady it is expected that more money will be spent on infrastructure that will ultimately lead to high levels of domestic consumption and personal wealth among the Egyptian people.

Gamali stated that as Egypt’s political situation becomes more stable Egypt will be one of the nations expected to achieve high levels of domestic consumption. Hopefully Egypt may soon start new negotiations for a new IMF facility that had to be refused at the end of the financial year in June 2011.  The recovery and stability of Egypt’s economic future is overall looking and feeling positive and a turbulent 2011 can finally be put in the past.



US Masters Degrees For 5 ExxonMobil Scholars!

US Masters Degrees For 5 ExxonMobil Scholars!

5 Masters Degrees for 5 special Egyptian students who were  selected by ExxonMobil for its MENA Scholars Program.  This highly regarded program offers students the support to study for a Masters Degree at a US university in fields related to chemistry, engineering and geoscience. The scholarship program attracted around 1,300 students from the region but only 23 were outstanding enough to meet the high standards set by ExxonMobil.

The chairman of this huge gas and oil corporation Mr Andy Wells stated that they will pursue alternative opportunities for more exceptional students in all sectors and locations that they operate in. ExxonMobil’s aim is to make huge investments into the bright young people of Egypt by giving them the best education and opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge.

He also said that it was an honor to award these students with the Masters Degrees from the  ExxonMobil program,  that allowed them the support to continue high level studies of these very critical areas of engineering, geoscience, chemistry, mathematics and technologies while also giving them a chance to follow their dreams.

ExxonMobil is one of the largest publicly traded companies by market capitalization in the world and in the last 5 years has been ranked either no.1 or no.2. It is committed to operating a global gas and oil portfolio in the most efficient yet effective procedures possible. The scholarship program was started in 2008 to support the next generation of scientists from 14 different countries of the MENA region.

The students Mohammad from Tanta, Haitham from Cairo, Hazem from Helwan, Moetaz from Qaliub City and Ramy from Cairo studied at The Colorado school of Mines, University of Houston, Texas A&M University and The University of Texas. As well as full tuition the program offers a visa, academic support a stipend for expenses and housing, expenses for textbooks, computer allowances, travel to the US and an extensive orientation program.

Andy Wells stated that after the students receive their Masters Degrees the scholarship includes a 3 month internship with ExxonMobil, yet the students are not committed to stay on and may choose to move to another corporation, however he was delighted that 2 of the 5 have opted to join the workforce.

The ExxonMobil MENA scholarship program is only one of many diverse educational programs they continue to support all over the world that helps economic development and gives young Arab people opportunities. They are involved in many youth programs in Egypt like Save the Children which offers a second chance to 12 to 17 year old girls who for some reason dropped out of school and another is INJAZ a non-government ran organization that supports Arab youth business skills where over 130 ExxonMobil employees have offered their services free since 2004.

Great news! To have the support of such a leading corporation for our young Arabs and the MENA economy.

Great News for Egypt as Outsourcing Industry Reaches Goal!

Great News for Egypt as Outsourcing Industry Reaches Goal!

According to the Information Technology Industry Development Agency the outsourcing industry in Egypt has finally reached an ICT export revenue of 1.1 billion dollars.

The head of PR at the ITIDA Ahmed Reda promoted the location of Egypt as having lots of advantages. It has also been voted the fourth most popular place for outsourcing services, up from sixth in 2010. In the last two years the ITC area in particular has received some massive deals from multinational businesses and received a record 17 new investments. This year alone showed an increase of 12 percent. Employment in this area has increased by 10 percent despite the unrest. Reda stated that this is due to the great training offered resulting in a very talented selection of young workers who speak several languages and the fact that they can serve a few different time zones.

Communications giants Motorola opened a new regional office and center in the capital which will become the main office for MENA. Other major companies that have extended their presence in Egypt are HSBC, Stream International, Orange Business Services and Sutherland who increased their staff to 460 a massive growth of 146 percent. The French Automotive supplier Valeo added another 142 graduated Egyptian engineers by December this year and plans to keep increasing over the next two years.

The goal was to reach a 1 billion dollar target but because IT companies are hiring this was surpassed and this sector appears to be unaffected by problematic issues in Egypt. The vision is to keep Egypt as a major outsourcing location and continue positive support to all the young talent and investors.

Smart Village now houses many head quarters of multinational businesses and organizations. The new IT Maadi Park due to be ready in 2012 will have 40 buildings housing around 300,000 workers making it a multinational hub for ICT.

This is great news for Egypt in such difficult political times and will encourage westerners who are employed in this sector or at any of the multinational companies to invest in learning the Arabic Language and boost their career prospects with effective communication.



Nile University Honors a New Star of Science!

Nile University Honors a New Star of Science!

On December the 12th at the Nile University Egyptian engineering graduate and teacher’s assistant Haitham Desouky was awarded first prize in the ‘Stars of Science’ competition for his invention of Vivifi,  special surface stickers with touch screen ability. The stickers are placed opposite each other on the interface and rely on electrostatic energy from non-conductive surfaces like plastic, glass and wood which then converts them into a touch sensitive feature.

The president of the Nile University Tarek Khalil said in his speech that it was great to see Egypt having strength in its young scholars during this period of transition.

Desouky said he was honored to be there, and he was delighted his work will be turned into reality for all to use, especially the people of Egypt. He said that he hoped Egypt would recognize the need for inventions and that more money should be invested into taking young inventors more seriously.

This years celebration was sponsored by technical giants, Microsoft, Vodafone, TeData and the Smart Village where it was held. The sponsors said they are excited  about Desouky and what the future will bring and have offered to help him with the publicity of Vivifi and future inventions.

Desouky showed interest in science and started inventing at an early age spending hours in his workshop at home dismantling his toys to study how they were made. His first ever invention was a heart rate monitor that would release an alarm if the rate dropped below normal. He is an engineering graduate from Al-Azhar University in Cairo and a teaching assistant at The Nile University.

The ‘Stars of Science’ competition was developed by the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community development. This innovation competition is also the first pan-Arab reality television show focusing on the next generation of  young Arab inventors out of 8000 competitors. Its mission is to enhance human life and create an area of education solely for students and scholars to develop skills for a knowledge based economy.



Great Business News! Saudi Car Imports to Reach 700,000!

Great Business News! Saudi Car Imports to Reach 700,000!

Ali Alireza, Managing director of Haji Husein Alireza Co. stated that Saudi Arabia’s car imports in 2012 are expected to reach 700,000, after sales in 2011 crossed 650,000 cars

He went to state that because of the strong rising oil prices and strong economy the increase of car sales in the Kingdom will continue to increase. Other analyst from the industry have also commented that by 2013 the sales in the Kingdom could hit 880,000 which will mean a huge 50% rise since 2008.

The Saudi International Motor Show opened its doors on the 19th of November for 5 days which drew a large amount of visitors to the exhibits. Alireza was speaking from the show and said that really factories manufacturing spare parts should have been in place before the actual car factories them selves.

The center stage at the motor show were exhibits from the Japanese, however China and Korea received a lot of interest in their BYD, Geely and Lifan.

A Saudi housewife was very impressed with the Chinese and Korean cars because of their competitiveness in price. She went on to stay she will be recommending them to her husband.

The exclusive dealers for the Chinese made Geely cars is Alireza’s company that launched the product earlier this year.

The show gives people wanting to change their car  a chance to look at these new makes of cars closely and get all the info first hand. Mr Abdul Aziz Al-Ghamdi a member of the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and industry stated it was a great opportunity to check out the cars before making a decision.

The makers of Suzuki, Hyundai, Toyota, Honda, Prestige Motor World and the other Chinese models said they were grateful for the chance to launch and display their models and brands and thanked them for the platform provided to show their cars.

Toyota show cased their new 2012 full range that caters for each market which caused great interest among the visitors . They stated that is was a great opportunity to interact with consumers from all age groups and business backgrounds. There display included their very latest FT-86 concept car and the brand new Camry 2012 never seen before by the Saudi public.

Also show cased were smaller cars from world wide manufacturers aimed at the current trend of  consumers buying small car models for their families. Adnan Tamimi an automobile technician in Saudi said this was a good move as the Saudi market is rising, more families are looking for smaller cars.

Through the success of the show and rising market the company for exhibitions is going to organize the 34th SIMS show from December 17th – 21st in 2012.


53 Countries to Participate in Qur’an Contest in Makkah!

53 Countries to Participate in Qur’an Contest in Makkah!

Under the aegis of Custodian of the king Abdullah, the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowment, Call and Guidance will organize in December the King Abdul Aziz International Contest for memorizing the Holy Qur’an, with entries from 53 countries.

This 33rd contest will happen in Makkah regarded as the holiest city in Islam and the site of the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad, the aim is to draw attention to the Kingdom’s interest in the recitation and memororization of the Holy Qur’an.  Salman bin Muhammed Al-Amri the public relations director stated the  aim is to promote the study of the Holy Qur’an throughout young Muslims. He also stated from the 53 countries there are 161 contestants, where 87 are representing their governments and 66 are represnting Islamic organizations.

There will be ten judges, six of these are Egyptian Ahmad Al- Maasarawi, Jordanian Samih Al-Asaminah, Lamat A-Ameen from Mauritious, Abdul Malik Lazim from Malaysia, Muhammad Hakeem from Pakisatn and Nigerian Sadiq Zawiyah. The other four are from the Kingdom and they are Salim Al-Shenqiti, Saud Al-Ghonaim, Emad Zuhair Hafiz and Ibrahim Al-Dossary.

The contest has five parts: Memorization of full text with the recitation delivered in the correct intonation, memorization of juz with recitation in the correct intonation, memorization of 10 continuous juz with the recitation in the correct intonation, meaning of words and commentary. The last part is for non-Muslim countries.

It also includes the memorization of five continuous juz parts with the correct intonation. The first winner in the first category receives SR100,000, the second receives SR,90,000, the third receives is SR80,000, the fourth receives SR70,000 and the fifth prize winner will receive SR60,000

Salman bin Muhammed Al-Amri stated that the Kingdom spends more than SR100 million yearly for the contest without seeking any material motive.

If you need help in memorizing the holy Qur’an then the Arabic language Academy can offer you this service!

News! Troops Need More Help in Language Skills!

News! Troops Need More Help in Language Skills!

Leon Panetta the Defense Secretary brought to ahead a little while ago the progress regarding the Pentagon position in the teaching of the Arabic language, and those of Afghanistan (Dari and Pashto) to American troops. Unfortunately he admitted that much more help was required. At a similar time an officer in active service in Saudi Arabia announced on a website that military personnel needed more help to gain language skills. The main focus of the subject of language learning is particularly aimed at troops that are going to be in service in Afghanistan and Iraq.

It is obvious that learning these languages will aid troops to understand the cultures of these countries and also enable them to operate more efficiently once they are in it. The active soldier based in Saudi who acts as a military advisor between the Saudi and Afghan forces stated that learning these languages will definitely help towards building better techniques that will be more effective in the future. There will be no need to employ interpreters, and will increase the amount of military able to converse on security and other matters.

Panetta stated that languages are an essential role in understanding the world. Learning what motivates the countries we are fighting in is imperative. We have to have good insight into their beliefs, ideologies, economic and political theories, culture and what they love and hate. The current program is weak and needs to be reinforced as it is a valuable asset to a soldier just as much as their skills with a tank or rifle.  This war has been going on a decade and more needs to be done now.

Learning the Arabic language has proven to enhance peoples careers in corporate roles where American Companies and Arab Companies are in partnership, so learning these languages will certainly be a huge benefit to our troops. Our soldiers will also feel more confident having knowledge of the way these people think and do things.




Sucessful Talks on How to Expand Trade Between the U.S and Egypt!

Sucessful Talks on How to Expand Trade Between the U.S and Egypt!

Another great reason to learn the Arabic language, as business is expanding between the U.S and the Arab world. Soon many corporate companies in the U.S will be trading with companies in all sectors.

Last month from Washington the U.S stated the were keen to expand trading links with Egypt, the most populated country in the Arab world. A U.S. economic trade official said this will also help the country in its process towards democracy.

The U.S deputy of trade Miriam Sapiro stated the the U.S regards the high importance of developing their trading relationship with Egypt. She recently attended a positive meeting near Jordan with the Mahmoud Eisa, Egypt’s Minister for trade and industry.

It was established at the meeting that both parties have a great commitment to increase investments and trading and work closely together to improve economic partnerships by encouraging integration amongst the Arab regions.

There will be further talks next month in Washington between Mahmoud and Miriam who’s mission is to improve the U.S economy in answer to the ‘Arab Spring’  recent events.

Trading greatly increased in 2010 by 30% to $9.1 billion and this year investments into Egypt have risen to $11.7 billion a percentage of 28.4. This year during the first eight months showed steady trading reaching $6 billion despite the resignation of Hasni Mubarak the President.

Back in May the U.S President Barak Obama stated there was a new relationship to cement the partnerships in response to the many changes occurring in the Arab World. The plans are said to be aimed at other regions of the Arab world including North Africa and the whole of the Middle East, focusing mainly on Tunisia and Egypt.

Also as the situation begins to become more stable in Libya this will soon become another focus.

Eventually the goal will hopefully develop free trading between the regions that will be willing to reform and lessen trade restrictions.

This is is great news for both economies, and a positive move to strengthening trading partnerships.