Many students who choose to study the Arabic language struggle with their university course programs which is why we are offering our coaching services. Here at TALA we specialize in assisting students and supporting teachers during  university courses in the Arabic language. Our teachers are highly qualified in teaching the Arabic language alongside the U.S curriculum and meeting ACTFL requirements. We have helped hundreds of university students learn Arabic and successfully pass their university course.

Our speciality within the Arabic language curriculum offered in most of the universities around the U.S.A is: Al-Kitaab at all the levels alongside Middle Eastern culture.

Our aim is not to replace university Arabic language courses, instead we want to help teachers by enabling the students to progress more efficiently. By working together we promise students will gain higher achievements, making the teachers job much easier and more enjoyable. After just a few extra lessons from us students will be more confident in class.

Our teaching methods are designed to compliment the university course by improving the students weak areas. We understand how difficult it is to learn the Arabic language which is why we offer this coaching service. Our teachers are native professionals from some of the most prestigious universities, they are all bilingual in writing and speaking English offering their excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Our Arabic language coaching includes real conversational learning, live and interactive lessons, which is proven over and over to be the most effective and fun way to learn Arabic efficiently and quickly. Our students enjoy learning using Skype and a variety of other cost-effective internet solutions to interact one-on-one with out teachers.

We will design a schedule that fits around the lifestyle of the student, and even when things change we’ll adjust when necessary. Our charges are per hour for university programs as we are working alongside the U.S.A curriculum and not teaching a tailor made course.

Students are not just paying for lessons but investing in results!